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Surprise: Pironkova v Radwanska № 10 

Surprise: Pironkova v Radwanska № 10


Not Ursula and very Angeshka Radwanska of Poland will play tomorrow against Bulgaria at Fed Cup. This № 10 in the world female tennis rankings surprisingly arrived in Eilat, having appeared this morning at breakfast. Later the first missile in Poland said that at the last minute decided to play the unofficial world team tennis tournament for women in Israel, and her sister Ursula - not because it feels good.

The surprise was for nurses in the hotel ahead of the masters at noon when it was officially confirmed that it will lead Angeshka composition of Poland. This means that tomorrow - February 2 № 33 Tsvetana Pironkova will play play against Radwanska № 10. The team of our opponents make more of Magda Lene (171) Klaydia Jans and Alicja Rosolska with coach Tomas Viktorovski.

Other changes in the configurations that are not rivals of Bulgaria. Israel is the world's № 11 Shahar Peer, Julia Glushka (№ 205), Kerenyi Shlomo (№ 530) and Valeria Patyuk with Captain Lior Mor. In the Luxembourg team remain Minnelli Mandy (137), Anne Kremer (169), Claudine Shaul (1024), Tiffany Cornelius and Captain Frank Aycher.

Tomorrow at 16 hours is the first single, then possibly clash Pironkova - Radwanska, and later meeting couples.

During the first day of the second month it started to rain even in Eilat. Local say it happens about 10 times a year, but rain was not strong. Temperatures were warm with light wind from the Red Sea. Interestingly, a few meters behind the hotel for a Fed Cup tennis player is building a new mall in oval, in whose environment will not only ice rink, but will be established winter sports center - something of a sphere will no truthnski snow slides, ski slope, ice rink and a mini forest. This will be another attraction of Eilat, which is a resort on the Red Sea, where a few miles are the borders with Jordan and Egypt. So in the middle of the Negev desert there will be snow and the lowest temperatures during the year are around 15 degrees.

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