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Carlos Moya: I only Grisham, it expected a great future 

Carlos Moya: I only Grisham, it expected a great future


With 30 minutes late in the evening arrived in Bulgaria's former number one male tennis sex symbol, determined to Carlos Moya. Shortly before the tennis player, the VIP and the aerograra Sofia appear richest Bulgarian Vasil Bozhkov.
My coming to the anniversary - 80 years Bulgarian tennis federation, and shooting a new video for her latest fragrance, was surprised by the interest in journalism and one of his first impressions of the Bulgarian capital have become major bottlenecks.

Here are some of the first words of Carlos Moya in Bulgaria:

"For the first time here, but I'm glad I'll have two days where I can meet with you. I'm used to media interest, but pleasantly surprised me. Our last game was in May, then had to stop for a while. I did surgery on her foot, and two months ago I became a father. I want to note, however, that I gave up my tennis career. I follow everything in professional tennis, but I can not determine exactly when I'll be back. Now, mainly in my program included demonstrations and meetings depending on the condition of my foot, it will become clear when it will be back on the court.

From Bulgarian players know only Grigor Dimitrov, he is young, talented, and particularly among men. I can say that it is waiting for a great future. Regarding Tsvetana Pironkova only know that played the semifinals of Wimbledon, and that means a lot. The young Bulgarian tennis players, some of which will meet tomorrow in Hall "Hristo Botev" in 13.00 hours, I can only say: "And I was like you, but keep it is not easy, but very hard to manage."
With regard to Rafael Nadal, who now number emfBecause of its nature and will, I know him 11 years, where age of 13 has already started to train together. Since it can be a good godfather to my daughter, but the tradition is different.
9 years ago I suggested the idea to start to deal with perfumes, I accepted and do not regret. This is not only good business, but I can already say that I am a specialist in terms of aromas.
Why not also include Bulgarian rose oil in some future, my perfume, I know it smells good, but experts decide. Why not come and the Rose Festival in Bulgaria, but by May next year a long time.
In 1998 when I won Roland Garros fulfilled his childhood dream and I do not miss that I have not triumphed in another tournament. In my head is now happy mess, because my daughter, today is the first day that I become separate from it after being born two months ago. Feeling their father is something new for me. Currently this is the first place, but again I say - I'm not, gave up tennis. "

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