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Carlos Moya will play tennis on 6 November in Sofia, present and perfume 

Carlos Moya will play tennis on 6 November in Sofia, present and perfume


Carlos Moya will play tennis on November 6 from 13 hours in Sofia. Former № 1 arrives in Bulgaria on the occasion of 80th anniversary of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation and the company Kamko "that promote their perfumes. Darik Radio is a media partner of the visit of the tennis star.
Born in Palma de Mallorca 34 years before the player will give an object lesson how to defeat the court of the youngest champions of Bulgaria's Hristo Botev Hall. Then the champion of Roland Garros in 1998, of Davis Cup with Spain in 2004 and finalist in the Australian Open in 1997 and many others, there will be an exhibition match with some of the best native top players. Unfortunately mine will not be able to check your skills with racket in hand with Grigor Dimitrov, who is unable to November 6 in Sofia for tournaments abroad. The Spaniard will also present a new flavor in his eponymous line.

Former № 1 in the world who is the author of over 555 wins in his career, arrives on the occasion of 80th anniversary of our tennis federation, but also to present their latest perfumes that bear his name. My stay at home 48 hours, arriving on 5 November afternoon.

"Throughout the year we have events to celebrate the anniversary of the federation, but the arrival of Carlos Moya is the culmination and the crucial moment at the end of the year! This happened thanks to our partners in the firm Kamko "which is my partner in the perfume business. We are glad that we managed to get his confirmation and will honor our holiday. Carlos Moya will attend a private outdoor tennis lesson with the children -youngest tennis champions of Bulgaria. I'm sure it will be very interesting not only for tennis lovers in Bulgaria and coaches, but also touch the children with skills and knowledge of such a tennis champion will be extremely useful and will act motivating for their future development. The program is included in addition to the outdoor tennis lesson and one exhibition game then I hope to complete Hristo Botev Hall. We have several options of my rivals on the court, but unfortunately there Grigor Dimitrov tournament abroad at the same time and can not participate. I hope it finishes the season Grisham, to have the opportunity to awards such as Best player of Bulgaria in 2010, to render him his respect for the joys that brings us constantly. Enjoy is that Carlos Moya immediately agreed to grant us, in the case and the federation did not release any funds for our partner "Kamko" care for the whole financial part in these difficult times we. 80 years old BFTenis is in good condition. Indicative of this success, extensive calendar, marks from abroad and our sponsors and partners. We are fully aware that there are many, many long-term work programs us to feel the recovery, told President BFTenis Stefan Tsevtkov.

Hristo Dramov from "Kamko, which is representative of the player scent of eight years in the country, said:" Our company is a partner of BFTenis for Jubilee, demonstrative lesson and match in Hristo Botev Hall.
Carlos Moya will also participate in other events, one has to present his new collection of perfumes. The Spaniard will become part of charitableinitiatives related to tennis and disadvantaged children. He will be without his family during a visit in Sofia. Eight years trying to persuade him to visit us. Could come during the highlights of his career, but there was a strong tournament in the country that meets its class.

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