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Rafael Nadal won US Open and go down in history 

Rafael Nadal won US Open and go down in history


Number 1 in the world Rafael Nadal (Spain) triumphed by winning the U.S. Open tennis it for the first time in his career.

Nadal wins to finish third-seeded Novak Djokovic (Serbia) with 6:4, 5:7, 6:4, 6:2 after the 3:43 game. So 24-year-old Spaniard became the youngest of seven players who manage to win all four Grand Slam tournaments.

With the success Nadal joined legends Fred Perry, Don Budge, Roy Laver, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer became the first player since Laver in 1969 who managed to take the title in Paris, London and New York in one season.

The Spaniard started well with an early break to lead 2:0. Djokovic equal to 2:2, but then was drilled in the fifth game and this proved decisive for the outcome of the first set.

In the second part with 4:1 pull Djokovic but the Spaniard did not surrender and tied for 4:4 and 30:30 in the ninth game match was suspended because of rain. After nearly two hours the battle was renewed. Djokovic failed to break back in the 12 th game to even the score.

By the end of the match but Nadal dominated, despite the efforts of his opponent, who saved 20 break opportunities. The Spaniard took feeds Djokovic in the third game of the last two sets and this proved enough to triumph.

All the champions from the U.S. Open tennis:

2010 Rafael Nadal (Spain)
2009 Juan Martin Del Potro (Argentina)
2008 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2007 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2006 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2005 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2004 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2003 Andy Roddick (USA)
2002 Pete Sampras (USA)
2001 Leytan Hewitt (Australia)
2000 Marat Safin (Russia)
1999 Andre Agassi (USA)
1998 Patrick Rafter (Australia)
1997 Patrick Rafter (Australia)
1996 Pete Sampras (USA)
1995 Pete Sampras (USA)
1994 Andre Agassi (USA)
1993 Pete Sampras (USA)
1992 Stephen Edberg (Sweden)
1991 Stephen Edberg (Sweden)
1990 Pete Sampras (USA)
1989 Boris Becker (Germany)
1988 Vilander Mats (Sweden)
1987 Ivan Lendl (Czechoslovakia)
1986 Ivan Lendl (Czechoslovakia)
1985 Ivan Lendl (Czechoslovakia)
1984 John McEnroe (USA)
1983 Jimmy Connors (USA)
1982 Jimmy Connors (USA)
1981 John McEnroe (USA)
1980 John McEnroe (USA)
1979 John McEnroe (USA)
1978 Jimmy Connors (USA)
1977 Guillermo Villas (Argentina)
1976 Jimmy Connors (USA)
Manuel Orantes in 1975 (Spain)
1974 Jimmy Connors (USA)
1973 John Nyukomb (Australia)
Ilie Nastase in 1972 (Romania)
1971 Stan Smith (USA)
1970 Ken Rozuol (Australia)
1969 Rod Laver (Australia)
1968 Arthur Ashe (USA)
1967 John Nyukomb (Australia)
1966 Fred Stoll (Australia)
1965 Manuel Santana (Spain)
1964 Roy Emerson (Australia)
1963 Rafael Osuna (Mexico)
1962 Rod Laver (Australia)
1961 Roy Emerson (Australia)
1960 Neil Fraser (Australia)
1959 Neil Fraser (Australia)
1958 Ashley Cooper (Australia)
1957 Anderson Mall (Australia)
1956 Ken Rozuol (Australia)
1955 Tony Trabart (USA)
1954 Vic Seyshas (USA)
1953 Tony Trabart (USA)
1952 Frank Sedzhman (Australia)
1951 Frank Sedzhman (Australia)
1950 Art Larsen (USA)
1949 Pancho Gonzalez (USA)
1948 Pancho Gonzalez (USA)
1947 Jack Kramer (USA)
1946 Jack Kramer (USA)
1945 Frank Parker (USA)
1944 Frank Parker (USA)
1943 Joseph Hunt (U.S.)
1942 Ted Schroeder (USA)
1941 Bobby Riggs (USA)
1940 Don McNeill (U.S.)
1939 Bobby Riggs (USA)
1938Don Budge (USA)
1937 Don Budge (USA)
1936 Fred Perry (Britain)
1935 Wilmer Allison (USA)
1934 Fred Perry (Britain)
1933 Fred Perry (Britain)
1932 Ellsworth Vines (USA)
1931 Ellsworth Vines (USA)
1930 John Doug (USA)
1929 Bill Tilden (USA)
1928 Koshe Henry (France)
1927 Rene Lacoste (France)
1926 Rene Lacoste (France)
1925 Bill Tilden (USA)
1924 Bill Tilden (USA)
1923 Bill Tilden (USA)
1922 Bill Tilden (USA)
1921 Bill Tilden (USA)
1920 Bill Tilden (USA)
1919 William Johnston (USA)
1918 RL Murray (USA)
1917 RL Murray (USA)
1916 Richard Williams (USA)
1915 William Johnston (USA)
1914 Richard Williams (USA)
1913 Maurice McLaughlin (USA)
1912 Maurice McLaughlin (USA)
1911 William Larnd (USA)
1910 William Larnd (USA)
1909 William Larnd (USA)
1908 William Larnd (USA)
1907 William Larnd (USA)
1906 William Cloutier (USA)
1905 Biyls Wright (USA)
1904 Holkamb Ward (USA)
1903 Laurie Doarti (UK)
1902 William Larnd (USA)
1901 William Larnd (USA)
1900 Malcolm Whitman (USA)
1899 Malcolm Whitman (USA)
1898 Malcolm Whitman (USA)
1897 Robert Wren (USA)
1896 Robert Wren (USA)
1895 Fred Huvi (USA)
1894 Robert Wren (USA)
1893 Robert Wren (USA)
1892 Oliver Campbell (USA)
1891 Oliver Campbell (USA)
1890 Oliver Campbell (USA)
1889 Henry Slokam Junior (USA)
1888 Henry Slokam Junior (USA)
1887 Richard Sears (USA)
1886 Richard Sears (USA)
1885 Richard Sears (USA)
1884 Richard Sears (USA)
1883 Richard Sears (USA)
1882 Richard Sears (USA)
1881 Richard Sears (USA)

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