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Bulgaria against former No. 1 Davis Cup 

Bulgaria against former No. 1 Davis Cup


On Wednesday, was pulled draw for Davis Cup in 2011 and it became clear that the March 4 team from Bulgaria will visit Belarus in the first round match of the second group of Euro-African zone.

In the composition of the hosts showing the names of players such as former № 1 in adolescents Uladzimir Ignatik and former № 1 ranked doubles champion and multiple Grand Slam Max Mirnyi. Much of players from our national team are currently involved in National Team Championship for men in Varna.

Here are their reactions once knew the name of our next opponent: Ivaylo Traykov: Heavy lot. Belarus are a stable team, Max Mirnyi plays perfect couples, there will have difficulties. Ignatik I have not watched, but since has been № 1 in adolescents means it should be very good. Instantaneous his ranking shows that not a bad player. If we had played in Sofia on red we would have serious chances, but I guess there will play fast surface because Max Mirnyi is pretty good on hard. We know his appearances in major ATP tournaments, was well ahead. I think I came among the top 30 of the world, I think it would be very difficult match. Grisham is developing quite well now and I guess that next year will be even more ahead. We will rely on him and others around him have to give everything of myself. Another option is not available. In a nutshell - a hard lot.

Valentin: We will be guests, so there is no light. They have good players in doubles. Their first rocket Ignatik know him very long. For the first time we played the tournament for juniors 14 years. Then it would, but several years later we played again and lost. It is a serious player, he haslna and stable game, Belarus have a good couple. It is always good for a team from Davis Cup to have a more experienced player like Max Mirnyi, who is as the backbone of the team. There is slightly more and we will stay. We'll miss the support of the Bulgarian audience, which saw the match with Monaco.
Todor Enev: it could have been worse. We have the strength to win, but couples will be complex, Max Mirnyi is a proven player. We have a chance with the team Grisham always have chances. Normal lots in Davis Cup no weak teams.
Tihomir Grozdanov: dislodged rival for this group. All the players know them, all can be overcome if we play well. Most opportunities are for us. While away I think we have more chances to win them.

Ognyan Iliev, team captain: Everything will depend on the current state of our team and preparation that will make the bearings before the game. I count many of Grigor Dimitrov and the other 5-6 guys who over time have proven that they are fighters. Will also stop Dimitar Kutrovski and camps before the start of the match will determine the teams, depending on who is best sports instantaneous form.

Dimitar Gospodinov, mate and father Grigor Dimitrov: There are many times previously, the important thing is our guys are healthy. As a teenager, Grigor Dimitrov has two wins and two losses against Ignatik, but men have not met before. Vladimir Ignatik is now 160-170, which is a serious classification. Will not be easy, but generally surmountable.

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