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Christian Horner: Penalty significantly limits Red Bull, this is a new challenge 

Christian Horner: Penalty significantly limits Red Bull, this is a new challenge


Christian Horner spoke about how the punishment interferes with the work of Red Bull.

The team exceeded the spending ceiling in 2021, for which they received a fine of seven million dollars. Moreover, the time to use the wind tunnel and computer fluid dynamics has been reduced by ten percent.

Probably, we have already chosen a fine by 25 percent, which, of course, had an impact. This severely limits the number of runs we can carry out in our wind tunnel each quarter. The team has to adapt: we need to act more focused, more disciplined, if we talk about the things that we test in the wind tunnel and with the help of simulations.

So we are faced with a new challenge. And, of course, this is a deterrent before the start of the season. However, we have very capable specialists who strive to squeeze everything out and work as efficiently as possible, - said the head of Red Bull.

Horner shared his opinion on how financial regulations have changed Formula 1:

I like the principle - you have to act more efficiently. Four or five years ago we had brand new parts that were never used. Now we just can`t afford it. From this point of view, the efficiency of the business has increased: it has got rid of all these losses that were not noticed before.

In my opinion, the rules are very immature, they were applied for only two years. They change, amendments are made, regulations are also introduced in relation to power plants. In general, this is good for Formula 1, the conditions are becoming more equal. But I think some elements need to be improved.

At the moment, we see strong differences between the financial regulations in terms of chassis and engine. You can throw a Christmas party in the chassis department, but minders can`t! So you need to balance some things in order to achieve consistency.

Christian Horner: Penalty significantly limits Red Bull, this is a new challenge

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