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Two Bailey thunderstorms struck Bayern in the middle of Munich 

Two Bailey thunderstorms struck Bayern in the middle of Munich


Bayer (Leuerkuzen) is celebrating its first victory as a guest of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga in seven years. The Aspirins won 2-1 at Allianz Arena, defeating the champions for the third time since the start of the season in the German elite, with less in the last 10 minutes due to the expulsion of Jonathan Ta.

The home side were expected to be more active at the outset and had two good opportunities - first, Kimius centered dangerously with a foul, but Martinez failed to direct the ball with his head in the 6th minute. Three years later, Gnabri worked a nice pass to Alaba, but fired into the beam guarded by the Hradecki door. Leuerkuzen`s visitors found the score a minute later - Leon Bailey used a great pass from center fielder Kevin Foland, then sent the ball into the bottom right corner of Neuer for a 1-0 lead. , which made Peter Bosse`s players stay longer in the opponent`s half.

In the 18th minute, Muller had a tremendous opportunity after Gnabri drew both Hradecki and Sven Bender to him, diverting the ball to Muller. However, he did not play her fast enough and Ta took her literally off the top of his shoe. Perisic shook the crossbar in the 22nd minute, but his disappointment was compounded by an ambush flag.

Serge Gnabri continued to be most active in the attack on the Munich club and after just over half an hour, football was kicking heavily from the penalty area, but outside the outline. Thomas Mueller grabbed his first goal of the season in the 34th minute, a situation similar to that of Gnabri. The 30-year-old footballer shoots and the ball bounces at Bender`s legs to wrap himself in the net - 1:1.

The joy of footballers and home fans does not last long - in the 35th minute Leverkusen launched a new lightning attack, Faland found Bailey on the left flank, and he broke through to the middle and scored his second goal, this time in the left corner. Neuer for 2:1.

Gnabri preferred to combine with a teammate in a situation where three champions were alone against the opponent`s goalkeeper in the 45th minute. The German national turned left to Perisic, who, however, did not react fast enough and did not score. Last Bayer took the lead against Bayern on the break on October 28, 2012, when he triumphed as a guest with 2:1.

Diaby overtook Davis in the 51st minute and combined with Amiri, who shot, but the ball fell within reach of Neuer and he saved. In the 55th minute, Lewandowski had a chance to score, as his shot appeared to be the end of a good team action for the Bavarians, but the ball went a short distance from the right beam. Bayern`s pressure intensified and, in the 58th minute, Perisic failed to score after Pavar`s balloon centering, and in the next two minutes Hradecki was the main character, saving Levandowski`s consistent shots.

Even without Bailey, who left due to a 63-minute injury, Leverkusen`s players continued to create dangers

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