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Orlando is on the team for Major League Baseball 

Orlando is on the team for Major League Baseball


The co-founder of the Orlando Magic Basketball in the NBA -;Pat Williams has announced his intention to create a Major League Baseball club in Florida. The 79-year-old honorary vice president of the Wizards even introduced the conceptual logo and name of a possible future team -;The Orlando Dreamers. In his words, the destination in the southeastern state is at least half a dozen of the other potential locations for expanding US and Canadian Major League Baseball: Vancouver, Las Vegas, Montreal, Nashville, Portland, and Charlotte. `Orlando is still growing and sports should be a part of it. Our business card here is much more meaningful than other markets, ` said Williams, who has already set up a website to recruit followers -;OrlandoDreamers. com.

With a population of 2, 5 million people, the city attracts about 75 million tourists every year, mostly because of the nearby Disney World Amusement Park. In addition to the professional basketball team, there are two football teams based there -;the Orlando City men`s MLS and the Women`s Orlando Pride Women`s Ladies League (NWSL).

The main problem with Pat Williams` idea is that there are already two Major League Baseball clubs in Florida -;The Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Flight both suffer from a huge lack of interest. The Marlins have the lowest average attendance at games and the Rays -;ranked last but not least among the 30 teams in Major League. That is why `dreamers` seems like a pretty appropriate name for the new project.

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