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Klop: You need to think more about players and less about wallets 

Klop: You need to think more about players and less about wallets


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has again touched on the excessive number of matches that big English clubs have to play in a single season.

`The matches are too many. Too many. Everyone knows this, but no one wants to take up the subject and discuss it. UEFA has decided to make the League of Nations so that the successful footballers have a few more matches on top. Then youthey say you have to have a larger squad, but this game is not made for larger squads. You can`t build a team of 40 players and send 20 of them on vacation until January and pay them. between the number of players and the tournaments each team should play in. There is a big gap between the breaks from whichneed boys. They have two weeks holiday per year, and the game actually requires exceptional physical effort. There are several possible solutions, but leagues should sit down to discuss the issue and think about the players, not portfolios, `said Klopp. The German also commented on the hypothesis that he could split the team in two and leave one team in England to play in the 1/4 final of the League Cup against Aston Villa and the other to travel to Qatar to participate inWorld Club Championship.

`There is no final decision on this yet. If we are to play here by the time we are in Qatar, we will need two different teams. However, we cannot leave the players here to play for Carabao Cup`and go out there with 11 people to play two games in Qatar. It can`t be that way. We have to make a decision, but we haven`t done it yet, ` Klopp said.

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