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Gifts and shots sowed doubts in Real Madrid 

Gifts and shots sowed doubts in Real Madrid


Summer is August, a day of thinking more about other things, but Santiago Bernabeu has a job to do, even more so after the unexpected occurrence of less than a quarter of an hour before the end of the regular Super Cup match. An unnecessary gift from Marcelo in a seemingly secure situation filled Real Madrid with doubts and breathed confidence in Atletico Madrid, who remains true to his credo but already able to walk his familiar path with better players -;something that whites can`t say. There is work to be done by them both in the offices and on the bench.
To this blunder on the Brazilian left-back (not only for the team of Julen Lopetegi, busy scoring goals for Diego Simeone`s team), los merenguez seemed to keep everything under control and few spoke out to those who were gone, or to those who were gone. who did not come. From that moment on, however, even more so after the goals of Saul and Koke, doubts were mounting with full force, and everyone began to look around for that mystical new addition that never appeared at Bernabeu this summer. Whether central defender, striker, left-back is the fact that the Super Cup was an exam that Real Madrid was torn down to show that there was much to work on. Because not only the leaders of the club, but the Lopetegs did not turn out to be at the right level.

Here, Gareth Bale created havoc among the Atleti defenders and reigned supreme in their respective zones. He felt comfortable with his space-maker Marco Asensio, as well as with the drafting passer Isko, and the senior coach surprisingly changed both, leaving the Welshman orphaned on the pitch. Bale was later isolated, ceasing to be a constant threat before, and Simeone could easily change the flank of Tommy Lomar`s action.
The unpleasant thing about this development is that in fact, for many minutes, Real Madrid had once again played as a team and team after so many years of relying on individual brilliance. Everyone was pressing, the ball was moving fast across the horizontal, the vertical and the diagonals, but the constant mistakes and the loss of football weight after Lopezegi`s changes;though probably because of the lack of optimal physical condition of the entrants -;they left the whites with no chance to react to the blows they received, excluding the final pressure in an already resolved dispute.

Do not doubt that from now until the transfer window is closed, in just over two weeks, speculation about possible new additions will come back full force. But while the result is factual and striking in the spirit of Madrid, it is equally true that for one hour the team showed good behavior and play. However, the overwhelming feeling left by this first official game of the season is that there is less primal matter than before and that some players are too reassured.
The Super Cup match was intended to serve to calibrate the form of the team and to assess the need to strengthen the squad. Lopetegi is known to press for completions. He had previously asked for a nine and a central defender, but the club`s executives did not seem very determined to fulfill his wish. Maybe if Heta

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