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Chelsea challenged the precision of VAR, and Pocetino also said he did not want to win 

Chelsea challenged the precision of VAR, and Pocetino also said he did not want to win


The VAR system, which is still only partially used in England, covering certain matches in the various cup tournaments, has again provoked discussions with the UK. The reason for this was Tottenham yesterday, with Spurs defeating Chelsea in the first League Cup semi-final. Chief Referee Michael Oliver awarded a penalty to the hosts in the 27th minute after consulting his video assistant. The situation was complicated because before Kepa`s defeat against Harry Kane, he had serious doubts about whether Tottenham`s striker was in an ambush position. In the end, VAR decided that there was no ambush, and the shot that was used as evidence for television viewers showed that Kane was in line with Aspilquita. But after the match, Chelsea challenged this decision and applied their evidence. According to the camera with which the Blues shot the fight, Harry Kane is obviously ambush. The angle from which the situation is captured looks better than the one used by the camera to which the VAR decision refers. Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri also made a direct criticism of the line-up who lifted his flag before the situation ended and so affected the players. The Italian expressed the opinion that English referees were not prepared to use VAR. I saw a recording from our camera and it was ambushed. Our camera was on the same line as Kane and it was ambushed, but it is not important. It is important that the side referee stopped and did not continuewatch the ball so it affects our defenders, and I think that English referees are not ready to use the system, and when you`re not sure you have to follow the ball, wait for the situation to develop to the very end, In that case, it stopped, and did not go on, so for our defender that meant it was fromI am not sure about the goalkeeper, but for the players it is certain that the system has to be explored:it was difficult at first in Italy to know exactly how it works, but it is very strange that the system is not used in the Premier League, butis used in the Caraboo Cup, which is strange for us, players and referees, `Sarri said. Tottenham manager Mauriceio Pocetino was also critical of the way the system works and said he did not want to make a similar profit:`We have another six months to improve the way the system works. I did not like VAR Today, the system was in our favor, but after watching the World Cup and the matches in La Liga, I see that no one is happy with it from the beginning. I`m happy to win matches this way I see the matches in Spain every weekendSun and No one is not happy - neither big nor small teams. `

Clubs in England have already decided that next season VAR will also be introduced for the Premier League matches.

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