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Tampa Bay donate tickets .  .  .  if someone goes to see them 

Tampa Bay donate tickets . . . if someone goes to see them


Tampa Bay`s management has taken an unprecedented move in an effort to push the team from the bottom of the NFL into the attendance column. On Sunday, the corsairs would be San Francisco with 27:9 for their first win over a month. The match, however, was viewed by only 40, 682 spectators, making it the team`s least visited team since November 2010. With Raymond James Stadim`s capacity of 65, 618 seats, this means that almost 40% of the audience has been masked as empty seats.
Since the beginning of the season, only two teams have registered lower average household attendance -;Cincinnati and LA Chargers. The latter, however, are renting a stadium for the European variant of the game with a capacity similar to that of the non-rival teams from Division II of the college championship.
In an attempt to deal with the problem, Tampa Bay bosses promise to provide two free tickets to each season ticket owner who decides to visit one of their matches by the end of the season. The offer is valid for divisions with Carolina (2 December), New Orleans (December 9) and Atlanta (December 30).
And another worrying fact about Tampa Bay audience. Last weekend, for the first time, college South Florida, who also plays Raymond James Stady, has brought more audiences from the corsairs. A total of 57, 626 tickets were sold for the US derby with the unspent two years of Central Florida, and 50, 436 spectators were seen on the stands. About Tampa Bay -;San Francisco sold only 47, 104 tickets.

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