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FIFA with an idea for iron transfers 

FIFA with an idea for iron transfers


A new iron line for transfers, which will close some of the loose football clubs loopholes in the rules, will be adopted by FIFA in late October. The massive reform was debated in London earlier this week by representatives of the Association of European Clubs, leading leagues, footballers and federations.

The first thing FIFA plans to cut is the number of players that can be relinquished. According to the project, a club will already have the right to rent no more than 8 players in one transfer period, with a maximum of four being in the same team. An exception will be made for talents under the age of 21, who will have to practice. The change is due to Chelsea and Juventus, who almost unlimitedly sign contracts and then send players to rent. During this calendar year, Chelsea has handed out 40 players, and Juve - 26.

FIFA also wants to stop transit transfers. This is the case where one player turns out to be in another club, passing through a third.

Another innovation provides for a center to be set up to ensure that the amounts paid to players are real. The same applies to the percentages that football players or transaction brokers take. The goal is to pursue transparency and objectivity in making transfers. To achieve this, we will work with the CIES Swiss Sports Research Center. Agents will be banned from collecting both the club and the footballer.

Suspiciously high deals will now be subject to a FIFA luxury tax and the money will go to the first clubs or schools where the players grew up. For this purpose, the World Headquarters introduces a special passport, which will record the players` teams from the age of 12.


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