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Guardiola:I do not like the situation, but we`ll try to deal with it 

Guardiola:I do not like the situation, but we`ll try to deal with it


Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola admitted he was not happy with the situation his team is lately in. `Citizens` made three losses in their last 4 games in the Premier League and left behind Liverpool in the title battle. However, the Spaniard believes in his players and hopes they will soon emerge from this crisis. I can not blame the players You say that we are perfect and we have to win every game I never said something like this Everyone in the last year all told us how easy it is and how we are better than the others. But no one really knows about the good work behind the scenes I know their players perfectly and even for a moment I have no doubt about them Everything they did and still do is fantastic I know what we have to do I always stand in front of the mirror and look forthe guilt in herself, and not pointing to someone else`s fingerI need to do and I`m ready for this, `said Guardiola. `There is a serious challenge ahead of me and I will have to show if I`m good enough to deal with it. ` I can not say that I like this situation, but that is normal in football and it should beI will help players to help each other and we will return to our look If we do that, we can go on ahead I have no secret recipe and I do not know what will happen When we lost from Crystal Palace De Bourne and Aguerowere not in the lineup but then they did not help in the next defeatto appreciate the situation, but it is a serious challenge, and every manager was in a similar position and I am no exception, it is important to look ahead, `added the Spaniard.

Tomorrow, Manchester City is coming to Southampton and the mentor believes his team will return to the winning streets. `I always believe we will play well and we will win, but our presentation will only speak for itself, but we are in such a situation that a win will come to us well, we are glad for success but it will notcame from the sky, and we have to do our own work, `the expert concluded.

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