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Clop:We can not spend a lot on players 

Clop:We can not spend a lot on players


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop talks to Sky Sports on a variety of topics ahead of today`s important Manchester City match.

About expectations

That we are in this situation is a surprise. Everyone was saying yes, they are good, but no one thought we were going to score 7 points before the game. It was not possible at the beginning of December when we were with a point behind them, but because of ours and their encounters this happened. This does not make them weaker or better. It`s just the situation and now we have to play the fight.

About the weight of history

I have been here for three and a half years, I do not know and do not think we should think about its size. At one point or another, some team will change luck. Whether it is us, I do not know. Everyone else said they slipped between their fingers, they were close and it`s funny for fans of other clubs. Fans listen to this, but not me. So it does not matter to me what happened four, five or ten years ago, because that`s not my story. You need someone who has not been involved in this. I`m not nervous. If I fail, then I have failed, but I will not fail just because someone did it 20 years ago. So if we succeed, it`s because we did it right, not because someone did it 20 years ago. We will try everything we can but we can not try anymore. About Josephine Guardiola and City

I really like Pep and I admire his work. For me, he is the best manager and I`m not saying that because he has defined us as the best team in Europe or the world. It`s just kind of nice. He said it because we had only seven goals before, and I think we did not get in nine consecutive games or something, so he just called the numbers. When you beat Manchester United and Tottenham, you are one of the best teams in the world. For me City is the best, but that`s not important. We want to fight them, that`s out of doubt, but the remix would also be good. He talks about us only because someone has asked him. He does not care how good we are or how good they are. I know that, so now I`m working on us to make them look so good.

For the big spending

We can not spend a lot on players constantly and we will not. The good thing is, like most things in life, that the exact moment was important. We had the money and the players were on the market. We did not know when Alison was on the market, and when it was clear he was, we had to buy it, even though we had to find somewhere else. Neymar`s shift changed the world. Could I have expected someone to move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for that much money? No. But then we had a little of that money for Philippe Kouttinho. So what do we do? We do not build houses, invest in the club and players. Money was available, so let`s use it the best. That`s what we did. Since I`ve been here, we`ve always been buying and selling players because that`s the case. I do not know how much we`ve spent, but we`ve bought fantastic players. As Georgetown Wainlindoum, what is the only player he is. We bought it from Newcastle, where there was a left wing or something, so it`s very good. So, these are really good additions, two of which for a lot of money.

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