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Interview with Gomez:I re-signed because Liverpool is going up 

Interview with Gomez:I re-signed because Liverpool is going up


Few are European footballers this season, which have grown to grow at the pace of Joe Gomez. The young central defenseman has become Liverpool`s main team and England`s national team with its hardiness, coolness, elegance and speed, and it is no coincidence that the club rewarded it with a new contract until June 30, 2024. For Gomez, however, not all is honey and milk at the moment. Against Burnley The 21-year-old footballer broke bone in his leg and could only return to play after New Year`s Eve. Liverpool`s official website interviews the talented defender immediately after re-signing his contract with the reds.
- Congratulations on the new contract! What does he mean to you?
- Thanks! So everything about me. I have been in the club for several years now and I was pleased to find out what it means to play for Liverpool. I love everything in the club -;support from fans, passion, ambition and history;I love to play and learn here and I am happy that it will continue. Here I grew to some degree. I came at the age of 18 and there was not a minute here in the middle of the ups and downs that I did not adore. This is where I want to be, I hope it is until the end of my career! I drive my fourth season here, and each of them was different. Naturally, I would have had fewer stumbling blocks along the way, but all of this is part of it, and I accept it with an open heart and mind because I have learned many valuable lessons. There were good times on the field, which I hope will continue. Learning from a great manager and excellent coaching staff, I have all the tools I need around me to continue my progress. I can not wait.

`What makes you think the club is headed up to the trophies? `
- The answer actually comes from itself and of course -;from my previous contract there was a lot of time, but my desire to be here for a long time is so great that I nevertheless signed a new one. All signs point where the club is heading. Last season we were very close to the European Cup, only one victory, and during that we show character in the league and we climbed to the top for the moment with our best start in history on the way to the big goal -winning the Premier League title. In my opinion, we have all the necessary tools for success in the mission:a strong team, confidence in our chances against any rival in all circumstances. I think every team in the world today is scared to come up against us, especially Anfield, which illustrates the status of the club. This shows that if there was ever a point in demonstrating faith in the club and where it is heading is the current one. We are all grateful to be part of this and I do not think any of us take it for granted. At least I definitely do not accept that, so I accepted the suggestion to stay for a while. I hope everything goes on!
- Last week he got an injury. How will you overcome this obstacle on your way?
`It is natural to be very unhappy because of the moment when everything went perfectly. No player wants to get injured but only to play. I`m still young, but I`ve been here for a couple of years, and I`ve survived and overcome like that?

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