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Policies in Italy after the use of VAR in the 1st round of Series A 

Policies in Italy after the use of VAR in the 1st round of Series A


The first round in Series A for the 2018/19 season gave rise to the first controversy over the judging decisions. Many of the supporters in Italy do not understand why the VAR video system was so rarely used in the opening championship meetings. This weekend video replication system was used only three times in eight meetings. The first time was Juventus`s goal against Kiev when Mario Manjukic scored the ball in the door of Stefano Sorentiano. In the meeting between Torino and Roma, Yago Falke`s goal was canceled and in the match between Parma and Udinese a penalty for the small zebras was given.

Politicians generated the meeting between Sassolo and Inter, in which the chief judge did not want to review the situation with Miranda`s violation against Francesco, who was awarded a penalty. Minutes later, Quadvo Assamoa was knocked down in Sassuolo`s penalty box, but the referee again did not want to help with a video repeat.

Indeed, from this year in Italy, VAR will only be used in the case of a clear judging mistake. This greatly reduces the use of video. In the case of the violation of Asamoa, for example, there was no signal from the room where the chief judge`s assistants worked. The problem is that an obvious judging error is quite subjective. However, there are still some changes to the system to make it optimal.

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