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The regular season in MLB is over, two divisions have remained without champions 

The regular season in MLB is over, two divisions have remained without champions


The regular season in MLB ended in a unique way. For the first time in the history of the United States and Canada`s Higher Baseball League, two of the six divisions have remained without champions after playing 162 matches from each team. This will force two tabs in the National League -;between Chicago Cubs (95-67) and Milwaukee Brews (95-67) in the Central Division and between Los Angeles Dodgers (91-71) and Colorado Rockies (91-71) in the West. They will be played tonight at `Rigley Field` in the Windy City and at the Dodger High School in LA. Their playout depends on the playoff schedule in NL. The dead will meet tomorrow with each other in the `Wild Card` elimination of the pitch of the team from the Central Division. The winner will then face the 3/4 of the Central Division Series champion. The champion in the West will have a home advantage in the other Division Series I -against the East Atlanta Champion (90-72).

Since the division of the divisions into divisions in 1969, only ten times had been a tiebreaker, with only five of the time he was the title. The rest of the bet was a `Wild Card` -;the last time this happened in 2013 when Tampa Bay Race was Texas Rangers as a guest and deserved the extra quota in the American League. Never before, however, there was more than one tiebreak in the same season. By the end of the night, all contenders won their matches from the final day in the regular season. Which one more convincing? In the West, Colorado defeated Washington Nationals 12:0 at home in Denver, but at the same time Los Angeles Dodgers took the San Francisco Cants with 15:0 as a guest. In the parallel battle for the Central Division Milwaukee hit the Detroit Tigers with 11:0, and Chicago Cubs replied 10:5 against St. Louis Cardinals at its Wrigley Field.

In the statistics, today`s additional matches will be recorded as regular season 163, which means that Brewster Christian Christie Jelic still has the chance to become the first Triple Crown holder in the National League after 1937. The Brewers` Outfitter is(324), while the home run (36) lags behind one of Nolan Arenaado (Roches), and RBI (109) is two behind Javier Bayes (Cubs).


American League

Baltimore Orioles - Houston Astros 4:0
Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees 10:2

Los Angeles Angels -Auckland Atletico 5:4 Tampa Bay Race Toronto Blue Jays 9:4 Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox 5:4 Kansas City Royal Cleveland Indians 1:2

National League

Philadelphia Phyllis - Atlanta Braves 3:1

San Francisco Cants - Los Angeles Dodgers 0:15

San Diego Padres - Arizona Diamondbacks 4:3 (10 innings) New York Mets -Miami Marlins 1:0
Colorado Rockies - Washington Nationalwith 12:0

Cincinnati Reds - Pittsburgh Pirates 5:6 (10 innings)
Chicago Cubs - St. Louis Cardinals 10:5


Milwaukee Brewsters - Detroit Tigers 11:0

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