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Federer quarrels the judge in the chair, he apologized 

Federer quarrels the judge in the chair, he apologized


The 20 Grand Slam champion Roger Federer qualified for the semi-finals of the Masters Series in Cincinnati after a thirtieth victory over Stan Wawrinka. At 7:6, 1:1 and 30-0 in favor of Stan at his service, an extremely strange situation occurred in which Federer was offended.

Wawrinka made a pass from a forehand that apparently went out and the line judge judged him that way and made the gesture with his hands. But for unexplained reason, chair judge Fergus Murphy ignored her and judged 40-0, then Wawrinka won his bid.

On the break between the games Federer explained his rights to the judge for the ridiculous mistake. She`s gone out, go ask her, said Federer, visibly frustrated by the unsympatry. I did not hear anything, I would ask her, `Murphy replied.

Did a gesture with my hands, I saw her. She was right there, how could you not hear her? If you just follow the ball, you will see it. How can you tell me you did not hear her? He said, and she showed. Do not tell me you did not hear her, because she had to be 30-15 because she was out, `Federer continued. I did not hear a sound, the judge rejoined the chair, then apologized and explained that he had thought the ball was inside. Well thank you. I also did not see the ball, so we are two, Federer joked in turn.

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