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Isaiah Thomas - about the injury, the past, the future and the big money 

Isaiah Thomas - about the injury, the past, the future and the big money


A year and a half ago, Isaiah Thomas was a hero in the eyes of the fans of one of NBA`s two largest teams historically, and this summer he has just found a new team by signing a minimum contract with Denver. The 175-inch guard won everyone`s sympathy with the journey he had made - from the last choice in the Draft to a superstar, but recently there were health problems that put him in his current situation and probably cost him millions of dollars.

The player himself thinks it`s a mistake to get back into the game too soon after he has surgery on his thigh. After his transfer from Boston to Cleveland, he missed almost half the season to play in January this year, but now he confesses that he should have waited at least for the Star Game. I had to wait. I had to go back after the Star Game, back the tape back Thomas, which turned out to be useless in Cleveland and was sent to Los Angeles, and his season ended in February with a new operation.

I understand the situation, but I do not accept it. Many other people get injured and get a chance after a chance afterwards. They get big money. It may have been a bad coincidence with me. And you`ve never seen a little man like me get the big money. Never again in the NBA, the former player of Sacramento and Phoenix is ??also thinking. Everyone knows I deserved a maximum contract. But because I was injured, I did not get it, he adds.

The noble shooter goes back to the worst of his time in Boston, which was probably the worst for him in his entire life - his sister`s loss. He states that he then played until a moment he could not go on, but there was no way he could stand and watch.

Denver Thomas will try to get back to the right level and this will happen under the guidance of a well-known coach, Mike Malone. In fact, Malone was pretending for the first time to give Eesea a headline during their joint stay in Sacramento.

The player himself also admits that he had a conversation with his former Boston general manager and assured him that he was ready to return because he did not have bad feelings. The Celtics, however, gave a serious contract to Marcus Smart and that just did not happen.

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