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Wolfsburg stamped his stay in the First Bundesliga 

Wolfsburg stamped his stay in the First Bundesliga


The Wolfsburg team retained their first Bundesliga position after winning the second round of barrages to stay in the German elite. Wolves hit the third of the regular season in the second Bundesliga Holstein Kiel with a 1-0 draw as a guest in the rematch and with a total score of 4:1 won the barrage. Wolfsburg became a survival specialist after a second consecutive year managed to escape from falling into the barrages.

The Wolfsburg team managed to neutralize the hosts and held the two nilles on the board in the 75th minute when it hit its fatal blow to 1:0, as the defender of the attack was Robin Knohe. Joshua Givallo`s goal in the first half was canceled due to ambush after referee Senior referee Daniel Siebert`s consultation with VAR.

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