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How many controversial situations the Roma-Liverpool spectacle offered us? 

How many controversial situations the Roma-Liverpool spectacle offered us?


The judging and the theme of the introduction of VAR technology in the Champions League matches was back again after the spectacular rematch of the semi-finals of the tournament between Roma and Liverpool (4:2). The hosts have serious reasons to consider themselves wronged because of the two apparent penalties for penalties that have remained undecided. In the first situation in the 49th minute, One Jack was stumbling from Loris Karius in the penalty area, but the side referee had raised his flag, marking off the striker. However, repetitions have shown that there is no such thing. In the second - in the 63rd minute, Trent Alexander-Arnold halted the ball after a shot by Stefan El Shaarawi. Somehow no one in the judging brigade saw this violation. The game by hand is obvious, but the situation offers another occasion for discussion. From the Roma camp, they insist that in addition to a penalty, Liverpool`s right back was supposed to get a direct red card. However, this is not the case if we refer to the change to the so-called `triple punishment` rule that was introduced from June 1, 2016, but is still forgotten by many. According to the correction, the triple penalty in question, including penalty shootout, red card display and subsequent suspension of the player`s rights, is not necessary and the player who has prevented a goal opportunity receives only a yellow card unless:

- there is no pressure, pull or hold

- the player does not try or have no real chance to play with the ball

-the violation is rude enough to be penalized with a red card regardless of the situation

no intentionally played hand

It`s hardly the action of Alexander-rnold falls into one of these categories, so that his expulsion could hardly speak.

The claims of Roma are clear to everyone, and the situations seem to be much easier to read (for example, not for Skomina and not his assistants). What, however, were the guests` claims? According to Liverpool fans, the team had to get a penalty at the very beginning when Sadio Mane was pushed into the penalty area by Costas Manollas, whose hands were on the back of the Senegalese. At One Gecko`s goal in the 52nd minute, the Bosnian was ambushed at the time of El Shaarawy`s strike, which was beaten by Karius, and Jacko made the addition for 2:2. The situation is very thin, but in the presence of VAR this goal will not be considered, continue with the Anfield counter-arguments. In the 76th minute, Alessandro Florenczi stumbles into Mane`s legs, a defeat which, according to Merseyside supporters, deserves a red card. In the 88th minute the ball meets Raja Ningolan`s hand in the penalty area. Here Skomina does not judge anything, but in the added time he gives a rather controversial penalty for Roma for the identical offense of Ragnar Clown. So the controversial situations happen for quite a match that otherwise offered a great spectacle and emotions. Here are more pictures of them that will help you decide on how correct the decisions were.

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