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Mourinho chose his player in Manchester United and handed him a historic award 

Mourinho chose his player in Manchester United and handed him a historic award


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho surprised everyone at last night`s award ceremony for the annual club awards. David de Hea won again the prize for the best player, with the Spaniard winning both his teammates and supporters. Mourinho, however, did something that had not been done so far on those gala dinners. The Portuguese decided to give his own prize - the manager`s award. And his choice was different from that of the players and the fans. The special one decided to award one of Manchester United`s biggest talents - Scott McTominiye, and Mourinho later revealed to the club that he had wobbled between the 21-year-old Scotsman and Nemanja Matic. McMinney, a product of the Manchester United School, debuted in the Premier League last season, but in the current campaign has recorded 20 games in all tournaments. `I think the dream of every boy who arrives at the club is to play for the first team. ` When that dream is realized, the next is to play in big games, play in the Champions League, and ultimately toplaying for the national team, this player has achieved this for five or six months, so he is my Footballer of the Year, `said Mourinho during the ceremony. Later, the Portuguese added:`Honestly, I hesitated between him and Mattich, and last year Matic told me, ` I want to play for you and Manchester United and I will. `And he did it through thisI was going to give him the reward but when I realized that of the two awards given to young players, Scottwill not get one, I decided to change his choice, he achieved everything, started the season as a player from the academy and turned himand as a player who plays in the biggest games - in the derby of the Premier League and Champions League. It became a very important member of our squad. So I thought that this guy can not go home without a prize. `

Nemanja Matic has also been awarded the Goals of the Season for his victory at the rebound against Crystal Palace.

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