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The scandals in the UK and what`s going to happen in England (watch Counter) 

The scandals in the UK and what`s going to happen in England (watch Counter)


The world-wide penalty for Real Madrid against Juventus was also a major topic in the recent edition of the controversial Contra on the TV World TV. The world media editors Daniel Lyubomirov, Vassil Smyrachki, Krassimir Galabov and Radoslav Stoykov shared their views on the decision of the referee Michael Oliver. Meanwhile, Manchester City won the title in England and the question arises as to whether the domination of Josep Guardiola is coming. The commentaries on this topic were also different and in Contra`s studio it was no different. Another interesting case - for who among Kevin de Bruyne and Mohamed Salah should be voted No. 1 of the season in England, also found a place in the show. The chances of the four semi-finalists in the Champions League were also discussed.


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