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Perissic`s lecture ended and Inter began to win 

Perissic`s lecture ended and Inter began to win


Whoever says that the game of Inter does not depend on certain players is confusing. u0026 lsquo; u0026 rsquo; Nerazzur u0026 rsquo; u0026 rsquo;returned to the winning road after a strong start of the campaign and followed a serious crisis that began with zero draw against Juventus in Turin in December. Reasons for the drop in the form of the Milan Grand Prix are many, but the weak production of the pitch seemed to coincide with the staggering form of key players, including Ivan Perisic. The Croatian striker was completely impersonal for two months, most of which suffered from Inter`s play. The well-known deadly duo Mauro Ikardi - Ivan Perissic stopped acting, and then came the series of negative results. The Croatian National Campaign started more than well. In the first 15 rounds of the Italian championship, Perisic scored 7 goals and 6 assists, realizing a hat-trick at the door of Chievo on December 3rd. It was also the last game in which Inter fans saw their pet in full brilliance. In 11 games of this magnificent performance Perisic was a pale copy of that aggressive and important Luciano Spaleti football player able to solve each game. Pretty supporters of the Nerazzur, jokingly, have declared Croatia as missing.

But now Perisic returns in full brilliance, and Inter Typhus can dream. It also shows the numbers. After a long lethargy, Perisic shows true hunger for success. In the last two Serie A matches, Croatia made two hits and added three assists (all three to the Icardi). But these figures are not the only thing that deserves attention. Perisic`s game now sees the familiar desire and self-reliance, which in recent years has made him one of the best strikers in the Serie A series.

To date, Inter`s footballer has 9 hits and 9 assists so far, ranking second after Captain Mauro Icardi with the NASA scoremakers. The Champions League goal no longer seems unachievable after Spaleti attacked his two most important athletes in the attack. Still, there remains a mystery about the deep winter dream that Ivan Perisic had fallen into.

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