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Swansea has not hampered Manchester United, Lukaku with a jubilee goal 

Swansea has not hampered Manchester United, Lukaku with a jubilee goal


Manchester United made a 2-0 win at home in Swansea. The Red Devils decided to play very early, with a 2-0 lead in the 20th minute. Rommel Lukaku opened the result after five minutes, for him it was number 100 in the Premier League, and Alexis Sanchez made it 2:0. After his good appearances for France, Paul Pogba returned to the champions, but he did not impress again with his appearances. Mourinho`s team missed several more opportunities to increase their goal and Swansea did not hinder the hosts. The Wales team had their brief moments around the 60th minute. Twice a hit on Tami Abraham as a reserve was postponed after David De Hea`s excellent performances. After that, Man United returned to the second position in the league with an asset of 68 points, with a 12 point advance ahead of the fifth Swansea, but lagged behind Manchester United`s 13 points.

United started convincingly, and in the fifth minute he took the lead. Romeo Lukaku scored his goal number 100 in the Premier League after his left-handed strike departed to Mauzon and the ball bounced into the net behind the Fabian.

The superiority of the Red Devils at the start of the game was obvious and could lead to a second goal. Fabianski managed to beat Lukaku, and later Ligard.

Swannie did not have any particular resistance, not responding to the more aggressive game of the opponent. Mourinho`s team fully controlled the events on the pitch and secured a two-goal lead in 20 minutes. Jesse Linggard, who made another very strong game, dropped the ball to Sanchez, and a defender of the visitors missed the ball to pass his leg. The Chilean striker scored 2-0.

After half an hour of play, Linggard again raised problems with Swansea`s defense, but ended with an inaccurate shot. Carvajal`s team managed to create one or two attacks that did not threaten De Hea. Man United gradually reduced the pace. In view of the robust advance, the red devils played calmly in anticipation of new opportunities. After the break, the situation on the pitch did not change even though Swansea`s manager made two shifts by releasing Tammy Abraham and Tom Carroll. United continued to dominate and missed two good opportunities to increase his lead. After Mata Lukaku`s centering away, the ball bounced off, and Sanchez shot his head close, but the ball went over the door. A little later Pogba found Mata excellent, who tried a very nice volley, but the ball was again above the door.

Shortly before an hour`s play came the time of David De Hea, who had no work since the start of the game. Once again the Spaniard demonstrates his class. Within a short period of time, the goalkeeper reflected two strokes on Abraham. In one case, the striker turned around and pointed the ball gently, as De Hea intervened brilliantly. Then he did well again with a low blow.

After the good time for Swansea, the hopes of the guests had evaporated and Mourinho`s team returned control. Lukaku missed his second goal in the 81st minute when he was brought out of Pogba magnificently.


1:0 - Lukaku (5)

2:0 - Sanchez

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