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The Air Force responded to the attacks of Navratilova with facts 

The Air Force responded to the attacks of Navratilova with facts


British Public Television, BBC, responded to the attacks of legendary Martina Navratilova, who accused her of discriminating because she received 10 times less than John McEnroe`s work for Wimbledon last year.

We are proud of everyone who worked during the Wimbledon broadcast. John and Martina had different roles, so we rated Martina`s fees differently. She worked in a tight schedule and was rewarded for each appearance on the air, so we think the sums fit her tasks and experience.

She commented on three Wimbledon matches, four times appearing in a review studio program and twice as direct as she described in her contract. Our relationship with John was different because he worked for us for all 13 days of the tournament, working with the American audience. McEnroe was on the air every day, commenting on matches, analyzing the studio before and after the meetings. John also worked for our radio and helped the other experts. John was the voice and face of the Air Force during Wimbledon. Probably he is the best expert and commentator in the world of tennis. We value him high, and gender here does not matter, the Air Force`s statement says.

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