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FIFA banned Trabzonspor`s transfers 

FIFA banned Trabzonspor`s transfers


FIFA has imposed a transfer ban on the Turkish elite club Trabzonspor to attract new players for a transfer period.

The World Football Federation imposed this penalty because the Turkish club missed the 30-day deadline they had been given to clear an outstanding transfer fee to the Slovak club Trencin.

Trabzonspor attracted mid-August 2016 midfielder Matush Bero from Trencin for 2, 5 million euros, but never paid them.

FIFA`s decision reads:Trabzonspor has a ban on attracting new players from both the country and abroad for a transfer period as a penalty for an outstanding order.

In fact, Trabzonspor can now attract players and sign with them, but they will get racing rights after January 2019. Currently, the team, which is 7th in the local Super League, can appeal to the CAC, but their chances of success are quite minimal.

The Turkish club refused to comply with four letters of remark, as well as with the additional financial penalty imposed and the withdrawal of points from last season, which affects the revenues from TV rights. So FIFA is forced to make a ban on registering newcomers next summer.

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