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Dani Alves apologized for his comment on Astorry`s death 

Dani Alves apologized for his comment on Astorry`s death


Brazilian football player Paris Saint-Germain Daniel Alves apologized to those who felt affected by his words about Davide Astori`s death. The defender had said the following:I am involved with his family. I think Davide did what he needed in a chaotic world and that he is now in a better place. Every day, however, thousands of children die of hunger, who do not receive the same attention, but are just as important.

This has led to a wave of angry comments, and Mario Balotelli, who commented that such things can not be said when it comes to the death of somebody, was also spoken. I did not mean to offend anyone, Alves wrote in her Twitter account. `We live in a world where you often have to be hypocritical to be appreciated by the people. Still - if someone is affected, then I apologize.

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