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The return to the dark past of football hooliganism 

The return to the dark past of football hooliganism


Many of our readers may be too young to recall the strong age of football hooligans. For decades, England has been the center of violence in the world of football. Every fear everywhere, the British radicals sow panic everywhere they went, organized, fierce and under the influence of unimaginable amounts of alcohol. Millwall, West Ham, and most of the clubs had among their fans at least an aggressive faction moving in equal doses of political ideologies, love for the team, and fierce drunkenness.
In the 1970s and 1980s a bunch of documentaries about football hooliganism were made. In the memory of all the lovers of the game is the tragedy of Hayes when Liverpool`s radical supporters attacked Juventus in the CESH final in 1985, and 39 typhoons died of suffocation or under the weight of the pressurized wall of the sector. This was the end point of patience with British football stadiums, whose clubs were punished with at least five years` extraction from European tournaments. Since then, obviously things have greatly improved on Albion, although the problem of hooliganism is not eradicated at 100% -;it is often the tabloids that contain information about fighting and tragic events associated with the mix of football, alcohol and lustrous blood.

No, this problem is not solved at all -;from South America with the usual military battles there to Europe, where in countries such as Greece, Serbia and Turkey the ultras have power far beyond what is acceptable. Even Italy, Spain, France and Poland do not stay away from this phenomenon. As long as we go back a little to recall the incident between Atletico Madrid fans with one heavily wounded after a knife, a visit to Sevilla by the Biris group, the invasion of the field by the fans of St. Etienne in the derby with Lyon orthe neglect of Anne Frank`s memory from Lazio`s most radical ultra-group.
Yes, this problem has never disappeared, but it is a fact that it has been growing lately. Why? Why does this come back to the dark past?

Of course, there are always political and ideological connotations behind these organized groups and their afflictions. In the case, for example, of Russian Spartak (Moscow) supporters who turned the center of Bilbao into a battlefield, they are paramilitary units trained to defeat and very well structured (not arrived in bulk but divided into small groups anddifferent starting points). In addition, behind their collision with the Athletic fans` climbing to the far left group;Erri Norte, there is also the faith of Spartacus in the ultra-right.
The same is true in most other countries. In Italy, France, Poland, Greece and Austria, the political picture is polarizing more and more (the rise of the extreme right there is so obvious that it was very close to winning elections in Austria, Hungary and Poland where right-wing conservativesfor a long time preferred by voters). This ever deeper social distraction obviously affects soccer:how much people want to see the opposite and

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