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Three former judges for the two disputed shootings of Anfield 

Three former judges for the two disputed shootings of Anfield


The clash between Liverpool and Tottenham, which may be crucial in the Top 4 battle in the English Premier League, ended with two highly debated talks to the detriment of the hosts who missed the victory in the last few seconds. This happened because of the 11-meter goal of Spider Gore Harry Kane, who had missed another minute earlier. Three former judges from PL -;Graham Paul, Kieff Hackett, and Mark Klätenberg analyzed the situation in different media.
Bravo, Eddie Smart! The side judge was involved in both penalty shootouts, and with full authority. In the first situation, Chief Justice John Moss accused, because Harry Kane was in an ambush position and did not know if a Liverpool player had touched the ball before the goalkeeper`s fault. Moss finally decided that Lovren played the ball and gave a penalty.
Then, Smart confided the main referee in the last few seconds to give Tottenham a second penalty. For the unarmed eye, Erik Lamela seemed to be simulating, and after repeated repetitions on TV, people could not be sure, but Smart was right. The arrival of Virginie van Dijk was unintentional, but he still had it and it was awkward, so the penalty is there.
Graham Paul, Daily Mail

John Moss had to make two big decisions to Anfield -;was correct in one and was wrong in the other.
In the first position Harry Kane was in a clear ambush and the side referee had to widen his flag. In the consultation between the two, Smart told Moss that he was not sure whether Deyan Lovren had touched the ball, so the Chief took responsibility without being sure and gave a penalty. If Lovern had deliberately played the ball in an attempt to clear the ball, he would have put Kane in a regulated position, but I think the Croat did not do it deliberately, or else he would have cleared it. That`s why the ambush must be played immediately, and here Moss was put in an awkward situation by his assistant. Their collective work was well below Premier League.
Moss correctly judged the second penalty:Van Dyke apparently caught Lamela.

Kieff Hackett, Daily Telegraph
In the first situation, Harry Kane was ambushed and she had to be judged. Poor appearance of the side judge who told John Moss that he saw Kane in ambush, but he is not sure whether Deyan Lovren has deliberately played the ball. The record shows Moss saying he is not sure, but will still play the penalty. For me the decision here is wrong.
The question here is not whether the ball touched Lovren, but whether he had made a deliberate pass to the goalkeeper to get Kane off the ambush. A professional footballer would not deliberately return the ball to Kane, and the deliberate play of the ball in this case with the defender in view of his position on the pitch is to kick the ball forward on the pitch (he is back to the door). It can also be argued that Lovren would never reach the ball if he did not know that Kane was breathing in his neck, so the attacker influences his presence and position in the game. Otherwise, Kane did not simulate the contact with Loris Karius.

The second penalty is a hard decision. I think there is suspicion of ambush in the situation just before the encounter:Erik Lamela is a little behind the defensive after the deflected forward by Fernando Io

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