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Minority, dark and Asian people with a chance to lead England 

Minority, dark and Asian people with a chance to lead England


The English Football Association will make the selection process for the national team manager easier and more accessible in the future by promising to interview at least one candidate who is a dark-skinned, Asian or ethnic minority candidate. The Football Association will follow the example of the English Football League, where they adapted the so-called Rooney Rule, introduced for the first time in 2003 in the National Football League (US Football League). The rule itself bears the name of Dan Rooney, former president of the Pittsburgh Steelers team, who manages to persuade interviews and minority representatives. Early in the years, FA has been criticized as an organization that is not open to this kind of communication between people.

`The association wants to become an increasingly inclusive organization where the workforce is represented by more and more people playing football, ` said Martin Glen, CEO of the headquarters. 22 of the 482 people who play different roles in the clubs are dark, Asian or minority representatives. `` With this decision we send a message that the FA is for everyone. I`m sure the Rooney Rule will provide us with candidates for different positions at the level of technical qualification we want. And I`m sure one of the candidates for a national co-worker in the near future will be a dark-skinned, Asian or an ethnic minority, the head of the association says.

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