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Manchester City flew for a half-time, but then sprang 

Manchester City flew for a half-time, but then sprang


Manchester City made a 4:1 victory over Burnley in a third round of the FA Cup race. The Premier League leader fell asleep in the first half and resting with a 0-1 draw after Ashley Barnes`s goal in the 25th minute. In the second half, however, the `citizens` played and came to a complete turn after two quick goals by Sergio Aguero (56 `58 `). Leroy Sane (71 `) and Bernardo Silva (82 `) made the hosts a remarkable victory. So City has increased its series without losing to England in 26 consecutive games since the season began. The two managers had staked on rather strong teams without underestimating the game. Sergio Aguero, Rahim Stirling, David Silva and Lorey Sane started as hosts. JosÚp Guardiola had given a break to Kevin de Bourne who stayed on the bench. Claudio Bravo started at the door and Danilo, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Ilkay Gundogan also got a chance to play.

Sam Wawks, Kevin Westwood, Matthew Lawton and Kevin Long returned to Burnley.

Burnley put his shot in the 25th minute after a rough defect in the hosts` defense. Pope kicked the ball into City`s half, the guest continued in the head, then John Stones played awkwardly in an attempt to clear and thus led Ashley Barnes. The attacker fired hard to the nearby beam, with Bravo failing to intervene - 0:1. The `Citizens` had the ball in 74% of the game time in the first part, but they did not manage to hit the ball. City players fired around the penalty area, but serious threats to Pope`s door did not come to rest.

In the first part - at the 21st minute, City`s audience supported David Silva with applause. A few days ago, the Spaniard revealed the problem that he missed several `citizens` matches - the premature birth of his son, who is still under medical supervision. Ten minutes after the resumption of the game, City equalized in a curious way. The hosts received a free kick fronting the door of Pope. While Burnley`s defense was still staging for the static situation, Gundogan plunged the ground and brought Agur behind the defense. The Argentine could not be wrong with this situation and the guests` protests did not help them. Just two minutes later, City came to a complete turnaround. Gundogan brought Aguero again, this time assisting the German with a fifth after a double with his teammate. Kunn walked elegantly alongside Pope - 2:1.

In the 63rd minute Sane missed a great opportunity for a third goal. Pope slapped Danilo`s surprise shot, and Sane tried to add a few meters but sent the ball over the door.

In the 71st minute, Sane still rose to 3:1 after a good double duel with David Silva and from a small angle. 11 minutes later, Sane assisted Bernardo Silva for the fourth goal. De Bourne put Sane on the left flank, and Pope did not appreciate the situation and went out to cross the wing. The German, however, dropped the ball past Burnley`s guard and Silva just caught her on an empty door, shaping the final result.

Manchester City:Bravo, Danilo, Stones, Zinchenko (72 `-Woaker), Otamendi, Gundogan (76 `

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