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Three points, five words, one unresolved truth 

Three points, five words, one unresolved truth


JosÚp Guardiolala had admitted a long time ago that the few minutes after a game when the media demanded their piece of looted flesh were reserved for JosÚ Mourinho. Here, in the press conference room, he is yesterday. the master lord! , fired Guardiola once as Barcelona headed, and his big rival was in Real Madrid.
No coach follows Mourinho so blindly to the legendary German coach Sep Herberger that after the match is before the match. No coach is so actively altering the prism that a football match is interpreted, not so skillful as to conceal a disappointing way out of a match in the word fist. No coach is so good at having even lost at the weekend to be the winner of the rest of the week.
And for such a case, the Portuguese has developed these skills to perfection. The loss of his Manchester United 1:2 in the City derby with Manchester City on Sunday finally was almost irrelevant in itself -;far more important was how this loss came and what consequences it would bring.

The two goals of City may have been shameful, as Mourinho called them:they came after hitting the goal field after a chaotic development of static positions. But that does not hide the reality that the guests played far more boldly, more aggressively and more attractive.
Even the audience of Old Trafford noticed this:just before the break from the stand with United`s most enthusiastic supporters -;Stretford End, echoing chanting Attack, attack, attack! . The excitement was waves in the crowd, while the hosts were pressed in their own half, deeper and deeper, relying on long-for-nothing long and unsolicited counterattacks.
This is particularly true when the consequences are as drastic as on Sunday. Half of the championship has not yet passed and City has 11 points ahead of United, its closest rival, after a weekend in which almost all the pursuers stumbled. Chelsea lost, Liverpool and Arsenal finished in a draw, only Tottenham, but backward in the last month, managed to win.

City players, of course, are still not talking about the Premier League title as a goal (It`s still too early, Fabian Delph said, and Kevin De Braine added:`We can not take the guards off), but it seems the crown is out therealready won. The citizens lost only two points so far this season and recorded a record of 14 consecutive wins in the championship. If Guardiola`s team were going to be stopped, it probably would have happened to Old Trafford and it did not happen.
So, as he stepped from the ground to the changing rooms, Mourinho considered his arguments. It was his moment to shine, to make sure that his defeat did not go beyond the 90 minutes of the match. He had a wealth of material (because of how bizarre and lucky both his opponent`s goals) and a wide choice of communication channels (because of the presence of televisions around the world plus the possibility of being a few minutes in the company of major news media).
The Portuguese memory

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