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Man City ended United`s Old Trafford series, scored 14th consecutive win and pulled 11 points 

Man City ended United`s Old Trafford series, scored 14th consecutive win and pulled 11 points


Manchester City achieved a record 14th consecutive win in the Premier League after defeating Manchester United 2-1 Manchester United at Old Trafford in the 175th derby between the two teams. With this success, the `citizens` pulled 11 points to the top of the Premier League, ending the series of 40 consecutive meetings without losing the `red devils` in the Dream Theater. United`s previous defeat at Old Trafford was again against the city`s rival, and with the same result. This happened in September 2016. Today David Silva gave the guests a lead in the 43rd minute, but in the added time of the first part Marcus Rashford equalized. In the 54th minute, Nicholas Otamendi brought the victory to Pep Guardiola`s selection.

Jose Mourinho could not count on the punishments of Paul Pogba. Ander Herrera started his job. Marcus Rashford also starred in a fast-paced boxing career with Jesse Linggard, Anthony Marsial and Romulus Lukaku.

Three changes had made JosÚp Guadridola. Vincent Compani and Fernandinho returned to the champions, and Gabriel Jesse was preferred to Sergio Aguero. As expected, from the outset, `citizens` were looking for a way to De Hea`s door, while the `Red Devils` were waiting for counterattack opportunities. After about 1/4 hour of play, Sterling and Jesse were consistently shooting, but at about 15 meters they sent the ball straight into De Hae`s hands. In the 21st minute, Jesse made a raid in the penalty area and fell, pushing for a penalty. However, the repetitions showed that there was no violation, and the Brazilian rather did a simulation in this situation.

In the 30th minute Fernandinho found a great Pass Sterling in the penalty area, but Rogo`s block was blocked.

In the 43rd minute Delph found Sane on the far beam. The German fired hard, but De Hea intervened brilliantly and slaughtered in a corner shot. De Bodeau centering from the corners, Lucacou, pressed by Otamendi, playing with the ball but sending it to Silva, who from the border of the small field opened the score. In the added time of the first part, Delph was fatally defensive, handing the ball to Rashford, which equalized the result with a hit on the diagonal.

In the 54th minute City returned the lead, and it was strange that Jose Mourinho`s team again got a goal after a static position. Silva centered, and Luca tried to clear the clutch and hit Smiling`s back. The rebounded ball came to Otamendi, who dealt a few meters to De Hea - 1:2.

In the 64th minute, the `citizens` failed to finish a goal with a great attack in which Silva scored to the left, then released a great pass to Gundogan, which centered parallel to the goal but there was no one to step on. 20 minutes before the end, De Haea rescued with a hand a devastating blow to De Bourne.

In the 75th minute, Ederson intervened after killing Rashford`s strike to the nearest beam. A minute later, Zlatan Ibrahimovic appeared in the play for `red devils`. In the 80th minute, Erera fell into the penalty area after touching Otamendi`s foot. Contact was there, but the Spaniard sank quite dramatically, and Michael Oliver showed him a yellow card for simulation.

Six minutes before the end of Ederson`s Prev

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