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Former Referee 1 left for Mourinho but saved a heavy manager penalty 

Former Referee 1 left for Mourinho but saved a heavy manager penalty


Former Referee Mark Clintonberg has also revealed some interesting things about his career in the Premier League. The 42-year-old arbiter left England in February to head the Saudi Arabian Saudi Commission. A few days ago, he admitted to deliberately leaving Tottenham to lose the battle for the title in the spring of 2016. Now Arbiter No. 1 in the world in 2016 reveals that the thrill of working in the Premier League has left him, his patience is over after an act by Jose Mourinho.

This is the match between Stoke City and Manchester United on January 21, finishing 1:1. This stadium has always been the coldest, it has always been humid and nasty in general, and managing a United game is never an easy task, `he told NBC. `Then I did well, but then Josť Mourinho, who started to criticize me for my judgments, accused me of not having given a penalty for his hand-playing team in our judging room. And I saw very well that in the situation in question the ball hit Stoke`s player`s chest. I knew I was right, but he raised some doubt about me. A month later Clapton had already packed his bags. In principle, coaches do not have the right to enter the judging room and if the Referee had informed the Football Association about that, the Portuguese would be punished. But he is silent.

His career in the English football elite began in 2004 when he was 29 years old. Clinton has shared another curious story of his first steps in the Premiership. It is related to the dreaded former captain of United Roy Keane. I`m still laughing, remembering my first date with Keane. He shouted for a corner, which I was sure was out. But as he screamed so loudly, I pointed at a corner blow. I was just scared of him. Maybe then I lacked the ability to deal with people. I had no experience - I was still a young boy. I had no experience behind, I did not know how to handle such situations and how to say the right thing at the right time. Only for years have I started to develop my skills, added Clapton.

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