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They asked Neymar about Real Madrid and he .  .  . 

They asked Neymar about Real Madrid and he . . .


Brazilian superstar Pari Saint-Germain Neymar responded eloquently to a journalistic question whether he would have played for Real Madrid, as they have been speculating media from all over the world for some time. Before that, the striker was quietly and in a normal tone to comment with the reporters on the PSG ranking for the Champions League elimination, but when he heard the Royal Club, he changed his face altogether.

Ah, you always talk too much, was the Brazilian`s reaction to the matter, and he did not even think it necessary to give a specific answer to the question. Before that, Neymar was frankly annoyed by another reporter`s question that he was very curious about how Celtic`s 7:1 result is the same as the 2014 World Cup semi-final between Germany and Brazil. You will never stop reminding me of that, no, no, no.

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