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Atletico made a late turnaround in a match with at least a dozen positions 

Atletico made a late turnaround in a match with at least a dozen positions


Atletico Madrid`s team managed to beat Real Sociedad in the 14th round of La Liga, played against 57, 394 spectators at Wanda Metropolitano, 2:1. Villian José opened the penalty shootout in the 29th minute. Philippe Luis equalized in the 62nd, and Antoine Grossman was successful in the 88th. The meeting was filled with many goals in front of both doors, after the break the hosts created a tornado at the door of Heronimo Rui. The Madrid team equalized their best series of matches without losing in Primera - 18 matches (11 wins and 7 draws). The victory today came close to Atletico at six points from the Barcelona driver. The first chance came to Kevin Gameriro at the ninth minute. Coke brought the French striker who was not focused on Heronimo Rui and lost. The hosts did not go well in the game and allowed the San Sebastian boys to attack the door of Jan Oblak quite often. In the 13 th Thomas Teye made a big gift to hear urdin, bringing them the ball in front of the penalty area, Chábi Accepted took control and handed to Vicenza José, who shot over the beam from a very good position. In the 19th Arsenal he came out on his own against the Slovenian guard, the Spaniard aimed for the Cloud`s foot, and a second later the ball struck at Philippe Luis`s leg.

The 28th red-and-white defense was not ready again:Mikel Oijasabal was taken to the penalty area, ahead of the goalkeeper and won a penalty for the Basque. The penalty was set fair because Cloud did not play with the ball and tripped the Spaniard after sliding his body on the grass. Willian Jose fired powerfully in the middle of the door and opened the score - 0:1. Los Colchoneros reacted quite quickly. At 35th Korea Korea took the ball into the penalty area and headed against goalkeeper Ruy in his legs, not having the luck of an add-on. Two minutes later, the Argentine slipped out of the ambush and looked again with the goalie, this time on the border of the field. The strike was once again mediocre. Diego Simeone`s boys threw forward with the initial Judgment signal for the second part. In the 49th minute, Gamayro dupered two defenders and handed over to Korea, who alone fired five meters over the beam, making a huge pass. In 53th Antoine Greizman sent the ball into the net in an impressive acrobatic way. But before that there was an ambush registered by the judge. The 60th Grizzman kicks off 17 meters - Rui plunges and catches.

In the 62nd came the equalizing goal. Philippe Luis realized a beautiful goal for 1:1. The Brazilian takes possession of the ball in the penalty area and shoots with his right foot on the diagonal - unsavory. In the 67th, the Basques could once again move forward. Oijsabal centering on the left, Acceptu mastered the second beam and shot improperly from a wonderful position. In the 72nd Reserve, Yankee Ferreira Carasco centered on the left, Grizzman fired dangerously with his head, but Rui reflected skillfully in a corner kick.

In the 75th again he was warmly at the door of the Annette guests. After a corner kick from Fernando Torres fired with a scissors, the goalkeeper saved his leg, then Diego Godin fought for an add-on, but eventually broke. In the 77th Sergio Canalez was very close to the goal after the defenders of Mad

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