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Borussia (Dortmund) continues to collapse 

Borussia (Dortmund) continues to collapse


Borussia (Dortmund) continues to collapse. Tonight, Peter Boss`s students fell 1: 2 in their visit to Stuttgart. This was the third consecutive loss for the Bundesliga yellow and black, and they have not won five consecutive fights. Shadak Ifo opened the match in the 5th minute and Maximilian Philip equalized in the 45th. Yosip Brekalo, however, brought the hosts to the 51st minute.

In this match, Borussia was without its star Pierre-Emerik Aubameyang, who was punished by the leadership for disciplinary reasons. The meeting started in a nightmare for Borussia. In the 5th minute, Mark Bartra returned unreasonably to Roman Bury, who also did not take the ball well and was taken away by Shadrak Accolo, who scored in the empty door. The confusion in the ranks of the guests was so great that only a minute later they were about to make the same mistake in defense, but this time the Stuttgart players failed to get used to a second goal. In the next few minutes the Dortmunds managed to conceive and created several goals, with Andriy Yarmollenko and Mario Goetz on two occasions, and the second shot of the midfielder and keeper Ron-Robert Ceyller made a great rescue. So it came to the 45th minute when Benjamin Pavar paused the ball in the field and the referee gave a penalty to Borussia. Andrew Schurle`s shot from the white spot was saved by Ceylinder, but Maximilian Phillipe reacted bluntly and with a powerful shot under the beam managed to score 1-1. But at the beginning of the second part, Stuttgart returned the lead in the result. The Swabians organized a rapid counterattack, Josť Brecala advanced to speed, flipped a fighter in the penalty area and hit the goal keeper`s feet for 2: 1.

In the 71st minute, Andriy Yarmollenko managed to pass the goal keeper to send the ball into the hosts` net, but the game was canceled because of a play by hand to the Ukrainian.

So Stuttgart congratulated the win and with 16 points in its assets is 11th in the standings. Borussia currently retains its 3rd place with 20 points, but nothing to be shuffled from there after playing the other games in the round.



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