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Valencia does not joke and breaks a club record 

Valencia does not joke and breaks a club record


Just as expected, Valencia did not encounter problems with Leganes in their home game in the 11th round of La Liga, and after a 3-0 victory, he was second in position behind a Barcelona bar. For the Mestaya team this is the seventh succession in the league, which is a new club record. The other news from the game is that Simone Dzzedza did not score. In the previous match of Valencia, the Italian made the ninth goal with his last nine accurate shots in the outline of the door. Today, however, this work was done by his teammates Daniel Pareho (14 years), Rodrigo Moreno (71 years old) and Santi Mina (82 years old). Gonzalo Guesesh`s shuffle hit the beam. Leganes guests could confuse everything but made two 100 percent misses. In the 41st minute, with 1: 0 in favor of the hosts, Claudio Bovuu kicked the ball over the beam of only a few meters, and in the 67th minute, when the bats had not yet decided the match, Alexander Shimanovski also went alone against Netto, butfailed to overcome it.

After the break, Valencia will play consistently with the Catalans from Espanyol and Barcelona, ??and Leganes` team is expecting a los cules on November 18th.



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