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Shattering Story: Casorla reveals how he has almost lost his leg 

Shattering Story: Casorla reveals how he has almost lost his leg


On September 10, 2013, Santiago Casorla seized the ankle in control between Spain and Chile in Geneva. The first impressions after the injury were good. I warmed him a little and I could play. On the break, however, when the foot is cold, the pain appears, says the Spaniard in an interview with Marca. On December 5, 2015, Santa`s short knuckles on the left knee. Nearly two years later, the technical midfielder stood outside the terrain, but due to problems with the right ankle.

No one imagined what is ahead: numerous months without light in the tunnel. Followed by surgery, no progress has been made. Physicians in England say things in the right footage of the footballer: They said to me: If you can walk in the garden with your child, you have to be happy. One year after the knee injury follows a right ankle tendon surgery. The forecasts are for a three-week restoration, and reality almost deny Santos Casorla from the big game, risking even losing his leg. A month after manipulation, he wrenches the wounds, the wound reopens and follows a new operation. So, eight operations. I was told that while I was playing, everything would be fine. The problem is that immediately the wound reopens, says the midfielder, who turns 33 in December.

The Asturian footballer shows a picture where the wound is open and the tendon is displayed. After many operations and diagnoses by various English medics, Santi is returning to Spain. In May, Spanish doctor Michel Sanchez can not believe what he sees. He saw that there was a huge infection. I was missing 8 centimeters from the Achilles tendon, said the former Spanish national.

The doctor discovers three dangerous and aggressive bacteria. Long-term antibiotic treatment follows. Hope begins to appear in the eyes of the former player of Villarreal and Malaga. On May 29, Dr. Sanchez completed the reconstruction of the Achilles. Takes the skin from the arm to fit the legs. Now on Casorla`s right Achilles there is a part of his tattoo, the name of his daughter. Santiago lives alone in Salamanca and is rehabilitated on a daily basis. My family lived in London because my children started school there. To be alone here without them is the heaviest, he confided. In November last year, Arsenal renews the player`s contract and he`s already dreaming of returning to play: By January I do not have a card, but then I`m back. Now I know who it is. Almost every day I get messages from Iniesta, Silva and Viaja. () I will return, convinced the Asturian midfielder.

Photos: Marca

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