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Napoli - Manchester City 1: 1, watch the match here! 

Napoli - Manchester City 1: 1, watch the match here!


Manchester City became the next team to secure a 1/8-final in the Champions League. The citizens did this in a very persuasive way after they recorded a fourth consecutive win in their group F group. This evening, the English had a 4: 2 over Napoli in the clash between the two teams in San Paolo. The opponents did a very exciting match as the hosts led Lorenzo Incienni`s goal in the 21st minute, but the guests came back after Nicholas Otamendi`s 34th goal and John Stones in the 48th minute. Zorzinho of the penalty returned the Neapolitan in the match, but Sergio Aguero in the 69th and Rahim Stirling in the 92nd minute finally sealed the success of the English. The hosts have traditionally bet on Lorenzo Insierie, Dries Mertens and Jose Caiechon in the top positions and the trio in the middle of the field was Marek Hamschik, Jorginio and Alan Marquez.

Sergio Aguero is in charge of the attack, and he has the support of Leroy Sane, Rahim Stirling and Kevin de Bruyne from behind positions.

The first more interesting situation was on the hosts` account. In the 5th minute Marek Hamshik tested Ederson`s vigilance with a long shot, but the goalkeeper had a good position and caught the problem. In the 13th minute, Dries Mertens was sent off in the penalty box and tried to kick off a corner but he did not have the problem.

In the 21st minute Napoli organizes a nice attack, Lorenzo Insignie made a double shot with Dries Mertens and popped himself against the goal keeper, then technically beat it to 1: 0. Manchester City moved in on a goal and in the 32nd minute the guests were very close to leveling. Rahim Stirling was taken to the penalty area and returned to the penalty point where Sergio Aguero was forgotten by Napoli`s defenders. The Argentine shot a land that after a ricochet passed dangerously close to the beam.

Only two minutes later the result was flattened. Nicholas Otamendi had been in the forefront and centering of Ilkay Gundogan found him close to the door where the Argentine overcame his direct keeper and headed for 1: 1.

In the 39th minute, the English could go ahead, but John Stones`s head shot off the crossbar. The second half started with an interesting situation before Pepe Raine. Rahim Stirling laughed at four Napoli players, and only Raoul Alblio`s brilliant intervention prevented him from reaching a goal. A minute later after cornering John Stones headed the ball, the ball bounced off the bar and hit the goal and the score was 1: 2. Napoli attempted to react and in the 51st minute Insiance tried a volley shot, but it went down to the beam.

In the 56th minute, the hosts hit a beam. Insynie shoots from the border of the penalty area, but the ball is off the crossbar.

In the 62nd minute, Napoli received a penalty in his favor. Raul Albiol was kicked off by Leroy Sane in the penalty area and the judge pointed to the white point. Giorgino played the penalty kick and was correct for 2: 2. Two minutes later, the guests claimed a penalty shoot-out for Elsid Hissai`s hand, but the judge did not respect their claims. In the 68th minute, Jose Caijon made an incredible pass. The Spaniard was out?

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