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Sporting (Lisboa) - Juventus 1: 0, watch the match here! 

Sporting (Lisboa) - Juventus 1: 0, watch the match here!


Juventus`s team managed to score a 1-1 draw in their visit to Sporting (Lisbon) from the 4th round in Group D of the Champions League. The hosts of Jose Alvalade first took the lead in the game, but the `bianconers` showed irreconcilability and in the 79th minute they reached at least the goal-point of Gonzalo Iguaine. Juve, however, needed a victory to securely secure the standings for the next phase of the tournament, so this result kept the intrigue at least for the second position in the group in the remaining two rounds. For the hosts the attack is led by Dutch golfer Bass Dost, and he has the support of Marcos Aquunia, Bruno Fernandez and Gelson Martins.

Juve is on the way to Gonzalo Iguaine in front, who is actively assisted by Paulo Diballa, Mario Manjukic and Juan Quadrado.

After a relatively equal start, in the 11th mounta the hosts reached their first goal opportunity and Bruno Cesar made a long shot, which went over the door. In the 20th minute Sporting opened the score. Gelshon Martinshi made a heavy blow that was saved by Canluigi Buffon, but the ball came to Cesar, who was sent by the traffic by the door.

Juventus immediately tried to react and in the 22nd minute Sami Kedira was found in the penalty area but his header shot close to the door. By the end of the half-time Sporting had closed all the spaces and did not allow the `Old Lady` to organize a serious pressure in search of an equalizing goal, which apparently annoyed the players in yellow.

In the 48th minute, Juve came to the front of Rui Patricio`s door. Miralem Pianjic sent a corner kick but Mario Manjukic`s shot hit the post. In the 54th minute, Pjanic got to the border of the penalty area but shot the door. The second half of the game develops almost entirely in half of Sporting. However, the Lisboans continue to defend themselves well and to organize dangerous counterattacks, as in one of them in the 60th minute Bruno Cesar was put in a good position and shot over the door. Just a minute later, the events moved over to the door of Rui Patricio, who had to intervene decisively after a massive strike on Matia De Shilio`s land.

In the 69th minute Juve missed his best chance so far. Manjukic of the outfit returned to Diballa, he took his head for the Iguaine who was also shooting his head, but Rui Patricio with a brilliant interference kept his door. A minute later, DiBala made a strong kick from a distance, but again in the hands of the goalkeeper.

The better game of the visitors did bring them to a level playing with them. In the 79th minute, Juan Quadrado with a magnificent pass brought the Iguaine into the pennant, while the Argentine technically knocked the ball and scored 1-1. In the 81st minute, Douglas Kosta made a long shot and went over the bar. Eventually, the game ended without a winner, with Juventus retaining its second place in the standings in the 7-point group. Sporting has 4 points so far in the 3 rd position.

Sporting (Lisboa) - Juventus 1: 1

1: 0 Cesar (20)

1: 1 Igouain (79)


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