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Tottenham broke Liverpool in a historic Wembley match 

Tottenham broke Liverpool in a historic Wembley match


Tottenham defeated Liverpool 4-1 at Wembley in a match that turned historic due to the fact that it was the most visited match in the history of the Premier League. 80, 827 spectators looked at the live match, one of them being the world football legend Diego Maradona. With this success, Tottenham equaled points with Manchester United. Liverpool`s team, which has again catastrophically defeated, is now at 12 points behind Manchester City and has a negative goal difference. Hary Kane (4 u0026 039; 56 u0026 039) again shone with two goals, and Son Huang-Min (12 u0026 039) and Dele Ali (45 u0026 039) added the other hits to Londoners. Mohamed Salah (24 u0026 039;) tried to shame the guests. Tottenham had no victory over Liverpool in the last nine Premier League games between the two teams. Maurizio Pocetino made three changes compared to Real Madrid in the week. Keuron Tripier, Son Hyun-Min and Dele Ali began.

James Milner started in Liverpool`s midfield. Simon Mignole, Joe Gomez and Jordan Henderson were also holders.

As early as the fourth minute the visitors were defeated. Tripper took Cane out of the defense, Joe Gomez covered the ambush while Lovren was trying to pull out, and Mignole stepped forward to meet the assailant. However, Kane passed past him and sent the ball into the door - 1: 0. However, the night`s start for Liverpool was not just that. In the 12th minute, Loris threw his hand to Kane. Inappropriate Lovren tried to cross his head but totally missed the ball. The Spurs scorer took off and advanced at speed, then found the uncovered Son in the box. The Korean shot Mignole close to 2: 0. Three minutes later, Son has failed to make Tottenham a classical lead after this time his shot met the crossbar.

Liverpool was in nokdown in those minutes, but the guests managed to quickly return to this match. This happened after the Tottenham character`s mistake so far. Kane lost the ball to the center, giving Henderson a chance to take Salah very well. The Egyptian fired at the far corner, and although he did not find the ball very well, she knocked the beam and entered Loris`s door.

In the 29th minute, Son missed another good opportunity after seeing Mignole but failed to hit the ball and saved the Belgian.

In the 31st minute, Clap did not stand and replaced Lovren with Oxley-Chamberlain. The attack brought back the confidence of the guests who began to attack much more often. The Merseysides filled three corners, but failed to create a clear goal position. In the added time of the first part Tottenham returned the two-goal lead. Erikenne fired, the ball was directed to Kane, Mattype crossed his head, but the ball reached Dele Ali, who shot 3: 1. The second half started with Liverpool`s pressure, but Tottenham came back to goal. Tripper centered on a foul, Mignole left and slapped the ball but only to send it to Vermont`s leg, whose shot was beaten by Firmino. Kane did the 4: 1 addition.

Liverpool sought an answer, but Loris saved dangerous kicks to Kouttinho and Salah.

Tottenham is now third with a

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