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Manchester City - Stoke City 2: 0, watch here 

Manchester City - Stoke City 2: 0, watch here


Manchester City climbed alone on top of the Premier League with a two-point lead ahead of Manchester United`s city center after defeating Stoke City`s 7: 2 Etihad Stadium. Six different top scorers scored for the `citizens` who had already made 29 goals since the start of the season in the Premier League. This is the first ever team to score so many hits after eight rounds after Everton. `Caramelles` threw 30 at this stage of the championship in the distant 1894. Gabriel Jezeus (17 u0026 039 and 55 u0026 039) scored two goals, and Rahim Stirling (19 u0026 039), David Silva (27 u0026 039), Fernandinho (60 u0026 039), Leroy Sane (62 u0026 039) and Bernardo Silvaon the dashboard. Kevin de Bruyne, who played his 100th game for Manchester City, made a very strong match. Mother Birma Diouf (44 u0026 039;) and Kyle Walker`s own (47 u0026 039;) for a moment gave hope to the potters but it quickly evaporated.

The `citizen` scorer, Sergio Aguero, who had cracked a rib in a car accident two weeks ago, has already been rebuilt and was the bench but has never appeared in the game. Otherwise, Josep Guardiola bet on the same 11 who beat Chelsea 1-0 0 weeks ago.

Mark Hughes made two changes in his composition. Jo Allen was in a hurry and missed the match, and Saido Berachino was left on the bench. Hessen Rodriguez and Thomas Edwards started as guest holders. The hosts started with the attacks from the start and after two pretty serious misses Sane came to the 17th minute when Gabriel Jews opened the score. De Bourne found Walker on the right flank and the English national scored well and assisted the Brazilian who scored close. Just two minutes later, the `citizens` doubled their advance. Sane made another break to the left, exchanged defeats with De Bourne, then `served` the ball to Stirling`s leg - 2: 0. In the 27th minute City`s lead increased. This time Sane centered toward the far beam where Stirling was. The latter turned back to David Silva, who knocked him off the border of the small field. The guests returned one shot at the end of half time. Diouf scored on the left flank, passed Fernandinho and doubled with Hesse, then fired, the ball ricocheted at the foot of the tried again to block Fernandino and went into the net.

Just two minutes after resuming the game, Stoke reached the second goal. Edwards debuts on the right, Diouf heads, but the ball rises to Walker`s foot and goes into the door - 3: 2. The attack was recorded as the defender`s own goal.

In the 56th minute, Gabriel Jesse scored for the second time today. The Brazilian was left uncovered in the penalty area, De Bourneu put his hand to a 4-2 draw. Between the 60th and the 62nd minute the hosts added two more hits to their goal. Fernandinho scored the fifth goal after a great shot of 30 meters. Sane received a great exit pass from De Bodein and shot in the near corner for 6: 2.

11 minutes before the end Bernardo Silva rose to 7: 2. The assistant was Rahim Stirling. Manchester City is on the tip with two points ahead of Manchester United. Stoke fell to 15th.


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