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Federer: I miss the matches against Nadal, there will be no others like them 

Federer: I miss the matches against Nadal, there will be no others like them


World No. 5 in men's tennis, Roger Federer believes his rivalry with Rafael Nadal exceed their place in the world rankings and is unlikely to be repeated.

"For players like Rafa and me, to be number 2 and number 5 in the world does not change anything. What is important is to be number 1, as was before. Being one of the favorites is not the most important, more important is the belief that you're ready to win, "said Federer.

"Rafa played as number 5 at " Roland Garros "and" Wimbledon. "If you play well, play well, you can beat anyone. "

"There will never be another rivalry like ours (with Nadal ). Even that between Borg and McEnroe is not the same, although their different personalities, and although one is right-handed and the other - left-handed. Murray and Djokovic are very similar. We are absolute opposites with Rafa and that's what the fans likes. The battle between us is over, I'm sure there will be new episodes, even I miss them, "added Federer.

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