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Rafael Nadal was inspired by Ronaldo in the battle with the knee problems 

Rafael Nadal was inspired by Ronaldo in the battle with the knee problems


Rafael Nadal won the championship trophy of the tournament in Sao Paulo, and during the final match of the stands was the football legend Ronaldo. At the ensuing press conference Rafa revealed that draws his strength in the fight against the knee injury precisely by taking an example from the footballer.

"Ronaldo is an example for many people, because despite all these knee problems, he managed to achieve so much. He is definitely a man who served me as an example in the fight against the injuries, and in terms of his determination and the way he have a lot of time for training, "said Nadal.

"I myself do not think I need surgery and I hope I can solve the problems with other methods, but I can only imagine how hard it was for him. During the tournament in Sao Paulo were days when the knee still ached. I need time to get into shape and again to be at the level. We'll see what happens" ended Rafa.

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