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Started the final Masters for boys and girls 

Started the final Masters for boys and girls


The best juniors in Bulgaria in the age groups 12 and 14 years out of court for the final tournament will be held this year in the open - NET1 MASTERS.

The race was scheduled to begin today on the courts of BNTTS "Carlsberg". Because of bad weather, however, matches the first day of the tournament were moved indoors at TC "15:40". From tomorrow, the young hopes of Bulgaria returned to the national tennis center, which will continue contested matches.

Competitors will play in two age groups individually. In the boys under 12 is first placed Zlatomir Ivanov, followed by Ivaylo Naydenov and Zlatan Palazov. In 14-year Ivo Karamanski is a leader in the scheme, and immediately behind it are Asen Dimitrov and Tony Neykov.

For girls 12 years Isabelle Nikolaeva, who won the state championship in the room in winter and in summer league triumph and outdoors, has decided to take a break after a long season and will take part. Alina was placed first Karazhova second and third are Deborah and Stephanie Arsova Nedelcheva and girls to 14 in the list is headed by Gabriela Slavova Petya Arshinkov and Elizabeth Danailov.

The eight participants in each age is divided into two groups of four players have been placed under № 1 and № 2 are the leaders of both groups. Champion and finalist in each age group will be sent in 2012 an international tournament as part of Bulgaria's national team tennis.

NET1 MASTERS Finals will be played on Wednesday afternoon on the courts of BNTTS "Carlsberg".

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