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National Tennis Center opened camp with our best players to 12 and 14 years 

National Tennis Center opened camp with our best players to 12 and 14 years


Total of 29 athletes otrazshirenite national teams for boys and devoykido 12 and to 14 will train today through Friday on the courts of the Bulgarian National Tennis Center in Sofia. The camp is the first official proyavav BNTTS. For the preparation of tennis players take care of sporting director BNTTS Orlin Stanoychev, the national coach Ivailo Tsonev some excellent coaches and participants. The team also includes fitness coach and sparring partner.

The camp was inaugurated this morning by the Secretary of BTF George Donchev and Orlin Stanoychev, then started training. "We're in season and is very nice that camp starts right now. Our main goal will be to know the children as best they also acquaint themselves with violence to izgradimedno mutual trust between the players, their personal coaches and national tsentar.Zapochvame to work on their programs, "said Ivailo Tsonev at the opening of camp.

Sports Director Orlin Stanoychev remained very pleased with the organization of the camp. "I am delighted that so mnogodetsa accepted our invitation to join the first camp of BNTTS. All look very motiviraniishte receive full support from nas.Organizatsiyata otlichnai is sure that the camp will be very useful for our young hopes," said the first Bulgarian tennis player, reached the top 100 world rankings for men.

Vlagera BNTTS to participate: Kaloyan Dimitrov, Zlatan Palazov, Michael Bradinov, Zlatomir Ivanov, Desislava Georgieva, Simon, Anton Ivanov, Boris Popov, Adrian Andreev, Ivaylo Naydenov (boys 12 years), Isabel Nikolaeva, Zinoviya Vaneva, Yvonne Mihaleva, Alina Karazhoa, Michaela Kaftanova, Eleanor Mihailova, Stephanie Arsova, Gergana Topalova, Michaela Gadzheva (girls 12 years), Velislav Cholakov, Kaloyan Valtchev, Stefan Lyutskanov Assen Dimitrov, Ivo Karamanski (Junior 14), Gabriela Yakalieva, Kalina Rousseva Polina Radeva (girls 14). Desiree Zlateva attend the opening but will be incorporated into training after recovering from illness, and Petya Arshinkova Bardarova and Victoria - after returning from an international tournament in Italy.

In May, the camp will be held and advanced national teams for boys and girls 16 to 18 years. Meanwhile BNTTS will be able to prepare athletes from national panels including the best men and women.

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